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how to submit blogs to top search engines

Written By op sharma on Thursday, 7 February 2013 | 22:34

Make Your Blogs Famous International Standard

Every blogger want that their blog pages comes to rank 1 in search engine. The major search engines of the web are google, bing and dmoz directory. You need not  to submit other than these search engines because others search engines asked money to submit and even some of them spam.

Google - The leading search engine to search anything in the world. This is search engine who used in mostly all countries 2 billions search in a day. Google used google webmaster for the indexing. Google webmaster is the tool for detailed report of you blog or site.

Click Here to Create Google Webmaster Tool Sign Up. Then you have to just simply copy the code and paste in your body tag then validate it and its all !.
Then Go to google webmaster tool
Click your blog -> Health option-> fetch option ->add your blogs urls one by one. It asked to submit and it tell that its not necessary that it is indexed something like that. Submit all Urls of your blogs. After somedays your pages indexed in google and you get your blogs in search result if you have quality contents.

Submit SiteMap - Sitemap is the very important thing for all websites or blogs.You will see sitemap  in Optimization option. By default blogs are added in atom sitemap. Sitemap have the important info about the new pages or post you made and updated pages. Default sitemap of blogger only submit 26 pages So submit this sitemap
rss.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500   in your blog. This will index 500 posts of your blog. After 500 post then atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=1000 and so on. This completes your sitemap submission very important.

2) Bing or Yahoo - Bing is 2nd largest search engine used in world. Yahoo search engine is merged with bing so you don't have to submit blog yahoo and bing separtely submit it to bing webmaster tool.
It is very much similar to google webmaster tool.Create Your Account Here. Then Verify your blog by inserting given code to your blog body then Validate. Submit Sitemap and fetch as bingbot option to submit pages. Click Here to submit blog to bing.

3) Dmoz - Dmoz is not a search engine instead a web directory you can submit your blog. Dmoz is very difficult to accept sites. If your blog is indexed then suddenly you get diamond or site traffic suddenly very increased. Many of the search engines like google, bing , lycos, alexa used dmoz sites to indexed. You have to just find your blog right category->suggest url->Read instruction carefully->enter your url and description and submit. Click Here to submit.

Don't submit other than these search engines create your site backlinks through use of social plugins or gadgets for fastest indexing your page and improve ranking of your page.

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