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cpm fun ad network review

Written By op sharma on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 | 20:27

CPM FUN adnetwork is the cpm based adnetwork which pays u for the pay per impression. This is like other kinds of ad network where u may get extra income through clicks. Pay per impressions really worst for this network. As this is only the reason behind this post. Really most of us wants to make money with this kind of networks.

If you want to make money with the CPM network please don't use this. If u want the payment proof of this adnetworks so wait for infinite time i assure u this will never happen.

How to Sign Up for CPM FUN ad network ?
Very simple go to their official site. Register there whether you r blogger or professional site. They don't require any of impression requirement. Getting only 10 impression don't worry u can easily acceptable as it is mentioned in their site.

After registration they will accept u by send invitation email may be after 2-3 days. Just copy adcode and paste in ur site. There r so many adcode in no. of formats. Pop up option is also available there this will maximize ur earnings.


After putting the tags to my blog i got 0.03 for only 50 impression. I though that i got something. Bt it was just myth as this was constant for next 200 impression. Really very frustating as it only consuming ur site space nothing much. It was my experience if u found other than this please share.

Still prefer chitika for small blogger adnetwork + infolinks which really goods as ads appears on text. Using Adsense makes lot, don't use pop up adnetwork it may decrease ur site view. Hence ur site ranking.



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