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latest frontquery proxy 2013 in airtel

Written By op sharma on Friday, 18 January 2013 | 17:54

As most of the users use the free gprs tricks in opera handlers by the using the front query, backquery, proxy server.Then you know about basics of what is front query,back query and all interfaces of opera handlers.Basically in this tutorial i just wanna tell you about all this.
You everytime enter new proxy address in opera handlers when your tricks not working or you found new tricks.Then  

1) What is Proxy ?
Ans Proxy Server basically an intermediate computer between host and rest of the internet.When you send request to the remote host then it is first send to the proxy server by the correspoding proxy address and then proxy server reply to the same host.Basically proxy is used to filter web content,anonymous surfing and remove parental blocks.

2) What is Front Query ?
Ans Front Query is the prefix url which is place in front of your requesting url or website you search.for ex-   http://frontquery@www.opsblogs.blogspot.com.This is the complete url send by opera handlers to the internet and the after frontquery is the url enter in opera.This is the most successful and most frequently used for bypass security of the network thats why free gprs tricks frequently used this frontquery tricks.

3) What is Middle Query ?
Ans Middle Query is url string placed between the requesting url and download file.for ex-  http://www.opsblogs.blogspot.com@frontquery/op.html .This is least used for opera handlers tricks.

4) What is Back Query?
Ans Back Query is suffix url which is  placed right after the requesting url.for ex-  http://www.opsblogs.blogspot.com@backquery.Back Query not frequently used than front query.Here after your request url in front end interface in opera mini appended by the url string which is called backquery.

I think you will understand what i wanna to tell about this tutorial if you have any problem in understanding and any opera handler interface.Please Comment Us with Your Queries.



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