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gprs setting for airtel,aircel,vodafone,idea,docomo,mts and reliance

Written By op sharma on Monday, 4 February 2013 | 14:33

To use GPRS in your mobile you should have proper GPRS Setting every network has predefined no to send gprs setting to your mobile. You have to send only one message to that no and you got GPRS setting then you have to just save them as default. Activate GPRS pack and ENjoy !

GPRS Setting for all the Networks :


Airtel Internet Setting

Send sms MO  to  54321. After few seconds you get airtel internet setting. Save this setting. You get free browsing and downloading if you activate GPRS pack. Check out latest internet packs in airtel website for your area.

Manual Setting :
Account Name : airtel internet
Acess Point : airtelgprs.com
Homepage : http://wap.google.com
Proxy : No
Port : 8080

Leave all other field as Blank

Airtel Live Setting

Send sms FUN  to  54321. Instantly you will receive Airtel live ! internet setting. You will charge 30 paise/ 20 kb.

Manual Setting :
Account Name : airtel live !
HomePage : live.airtelworld.in
Proxy Server :
Acess Point : airtelfun.com
Proxy Port : 8080

Leave all Other field as Blank

Airtel 3G Setting

TO activate 3G in your mobile send sms 3G  to  121 and instantly 3G activated in your mobile. You should have better 3G compatible mobile to use high speed airtel internet because airtel provides 7.2 Mbps speed in mobile also.


Aircel Pocket internet and MMs Setting

Just send sms  PI  to  121. You will get Pocket Internet Setting in your mobile.
Send sms ALL  to  121. You will get all aircel Setting to your mobile.

3G Setting

Send sms START 3G  to  121. You will receive confirmation that 3G activated in your mobile.

Aircel Manual GPRS Setting :

Account Name : aircel gprs
HomePage http://wap.google.com
Acess Point : aircelwap or aircelgprs
Proxy : Enabled
Proxy Address :
Port : 8081

Leave all other field as Blank


Idea Gprs Setting:

Send sms SET  to  54671 and you will get idea gprs, idea mms, idea internet setting. Save them as default.

3G Setting

Send sms ACT3G  to  12345

Idea Manual Gprs Setting :

Account Name: ideainternet
HomePage : http://wap.ideafresh.com
Port : 8080
Proxy Address :
Acess Point : internet

Leave all other fields as Blank

Tata Docomo

Send sms INTERNET  to  52270 (toll free) and save them as default. After this select Docomo Internet on your mobile and surf free.

Manual Setting :

Dive In

HomePage : http://divein.tatadocomo.com
Proxy Server :
Port : 8080




HomePage : http://mmsc/
Proxy Server :
Port : 8799

3G Setting

Send sms ACT3G  to  53333

3G Manual Gprs Setting :

Name : Tata Docomo
Dial No : *99#

Leave all other field as Blank.


Send sms  VL  to  52586

Manual Setting Vodafone

Acess Point : portalnmms
HomePage : live.vodafone.in
IP Address :
Port : 9401

Leave all fields as Blank.


DialUp Setting

UserName : internet@internetmtsindia.in
Password : MTS
Dial No : #777


Send sms ALL  to  55100 to get free gprs setting for thr reliance.

Manual Setting

Account Name : smartnet or smartwap
Acess Point : smartwap or smartnet
HomePage :http://wap.rworld.co.in
Proxy :enabled
Proxy Address :

Leave all field As Blank